MC ThinkCamp - mHealth

Event Info

Fri 3 Jun, 2011 from 9:00am - 6:00pm
WallaceSpace St Pancras London
London, WC1H 9PN, UK (Map)
Cost: FREE, rsvp required


FREE – Mobile & Digital Innovation for Health Friday June 3rd, 2011 – Wallace Space St Pancras, London This is no ordinary event - come join other movers and shakers from both the healthcare and the mobile community for a day of sharing insights & experience,  generating ideas, and developing those ideas further in free-flow break-out sessions.

Put those ideas in action! –  ad hoc teams and working groups are invited to form around the ideas that emerge, and we’ll be providing support & partnerships for the the development of the ideas you’d like to stay involved with beyond the event – with the ultimate goal of implementation or commercialisation on a shared-stake basis.

The event is fluid in nature –  there is a basic structure in place, but the direction will largely be driven by you. Workshops topics are selected based on interest, and further driven by the best ideas coming through. There will be breakout areas to develop ideas together, quiet corners to mull over the details, hang-out spaces to hack up some proto-types on the fly, and plenty of good brains to pick.

What is mHealth? It’s a booming field of new opportunities in healthcare opened up by mobile technologies and telecommunications –  harnessing the communications, processing power and personal nature of mobile phones, whether smart or simple. It’s about more than just smartphones and new mobility devices like tablets, it’s also about the amazing reach of SMS, the information richness of the mobile web, and the power of Data:

“The information revolution of the last few decades has the potential to transform the way healthcare functions. Its greatest potential lies in its capacity to change the way that patients interact with the health service, giving them more control over their own health and care. Patients have too often been left in the dark about what is happening to them, and denied the information that they need to fully participate in the decisions about their own health. This participation is not only a patient’s right, but is vital to improving the quality of care”

- Sylvia Wyatt & John Loder, Patients and the Power of Datathe Young Foundation

And the opportunities are not just about addressing the rising cost of healthcare in the West, accompanied by the rising Baby Boomer generation – it’s also about meeting basic health needs around the globe:

“The mobile revolution has been hailed as the enabling force for emerging markets and developing countries to become more active participants in the global economy. Given the right tools and environment, people can harness mobile technology to leapfrog more developed countries, creating services that address local problems and issues, and ultimately close the digital divide.”

- Cynthia Artin, MHEALTH: Mobile Lab On A Chip Improving Diagnostics & Building The Ecosystem, MobileGroove.

What is a ThinkCamp? ThinkCamps create an open and stimulating environment for the sharing and comparing of experiences, frustrations, skills and visions for the future. There is just enough structure to allow you to discuss issues, flesh-out ideas, and provide the right balance of expertise and support to act on those ideas. But the process goes beyond the event itself – ideas are given the opportunity to turn into tangible projects that are mentored and further developed, and have a clear path to implementation.

The event structure is: Opening Presentations – Idea Generation Workshops – Idea Development Break-out Sessions; a tried and true format that corporates use in their new-product-development (NPD) cycles.

The Mobile Collective ThinkCamp Series is a collaborative approach to generating and supporting ideas that address problems, rise to challenges, and  take advantage of new opportunities. We bring together people from a diverse range of disciplines and skill-sets, facilitate the generation of ideas, and provide a supportive  process for organically formed working groups to get as many good ideas to market as possible. We don’t own your IP – you do.

The Mobile Collective We are an ‘idea-to-launch’ service for the development of mobile applications, products & services across many industries. Our two driving beliefs are that

1. The future of work will be collaborative, and project-oriented (not corporate entity oriented) 

2. Innovation is ultimately about action & execution, not  simply having ideas.

We are running a series of events which nurture good ideas and match them with a wide range of experts and market channel partners to turn the idea into a product or service. The ThinkCamp series of events focus on cross-pollination and idea-generation, and the KickStart series of events focus on giving existing ideas, projects and nascent start-ups the boost they need to get to market.


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