Mobile Cloud Computing Forum 2011

Event Info

Tue 21 - Wed 22 Jun, 2011 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
66 Portland Place
London, W1B 1AD, UK (Map)
Cost: £150-£395 (conference ticket) Free (watch online)


2011 show highlights will include:

  • 2 Day Conference on Cloud Computing and SaaS
  • Over 2500 Attendees Anticipated
  • Featuring combined streams including Virtualization, Enterprise 2.0, Mobile Cloud Computing, CDN and Green IT
  • Keynote theatre featuring leading industry speakers
  • Breakout conference seminars covering all key questions currently being asked
  • Technical symposium for advanced level discussion
  • More case studies than any other like event
  • Learn from the key players offering leading products and services
  • Breakfast briefing style networking and discussion sessions
  • Cloud Computing World Series Awards
  • CDN World Forum - 2 day co-located event on Content Delivery Networks
  • CIO networking lounge
  • Benefit from our intimate conference atmosphere within the larger surroundings of the main exhibition floor
  • Pre-show online meeting planner
  • Evening networking reception for all attendees

Wednesday 1st December 2010

0800am - Registration, Breakfast and Exhibition 

0910am - Organiser's Introduction and Speed Networking

0915am - Morning Chairman’s Introduction: Bob Tarzey, Analyst and Director, Quocirca

SESSION ONE: Market Opportunity Overview

Today, there are already some good examples of mobile cloud computing applications. However the majority of applications still do most of the data storage and processing on the mobile devices themselves and not in the cloud. The opening session to the conference examines where the industry is and estimates how in a few years, that could change.

0925am - The Business Value of Mobile Cloud Computing

What is a true broadband service? a cloud
Why mobile cloud services are possible now? Why not before?
Advantages - Disadvantages

Diya Soubra, Managing Partner - Executive Consultant, SCH Consulting

0945am - Keynote: Mobile cloud computing – challenges of connecting cloud services to mobile devices

The adoption of mobile devices will imply new ways to deliver services. Mobile Cloud could become a major platform to deliver mobiles services while the data and application for mobile services are stored in the Cloud

Renaud Larsen, Director Cloud Computing Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent

1015am - Oxfam and the Cloud - opportunity or just a distraction?

  • Can we afford the effort to investigate 
  • Why its attractive
  • What we are doing

Peter Ransom, CIO, Oxfam

1035am - Panel: Mobile Cloud Computing Business Models

  • David King, CTO, Logica
  • Michael Crossey, VP Marketing, Aepona
  • Peter Ransom, CIO, Oxfam
  • Amir Lahat, Head of Global Business Ventures, Nokia Siemens Networks

1105am - Coffee, Networking 

SESSION TWO: Mobile Cloud Applications

Applications for mobile phones are getting more and more popular these days with the general consumers utilizing the advanced capabilities of their phones. Most of today’s applications need handsets with great computing power but in Session two will see how Cloud Computing will enable apps to perform on almost any mobile phones and a closer look to enterprise solutions.

1135am - Mobile Web Applications vs Native Applications on Handsets

  • Advanced devices driving advanced mobile browsers
  • Battle of the business models 

  • Impact on the enterprise 

Chris Hazelton, Research Director, Mobile & Wireless, The 451 Group 

1155am - The use of Mobile to Connect with Customers - Case Study

  • Taking the bank to the customer rather than expecting the customer to go to the bank

 Simon Stimpson, President & CEO, Life Champions 

1215pm - Improving enterprise productivity through mobile cloud computing

  • Why mobile cloud computing for enterprises? (why in the cloud and why mobile?)

  • Pitfalls in deploying mobile cloud computing for enterprises (security, device management, personal versus corporate liability), data integrity

  • Key horizontal and vertical applications for enterprise mobile cloud computing

  • Navigating the heterogeneous world of OS?

  • How to influence and sell mobile cloud computing to enterprises?

Joe McKinnon, Head of Business Solutions, DU 

1235pm - Panel: Keys to mobile applications growth

  • Simon Stimpson, President & CEO, Life Champions
• Duncan Hallas, VP Business Development UK, Netbiscuits

  • Joe McKinnon, Head of Business Solutions, DU

  • Justin Campbell, Senior Sales Specialist, O2 

1305pm - Lunch, Networking and Exhibition

1300pm - Afternoon Chairman’s Introduction

Mike Spink, Cloud Computing Consultant, Nephologic

1405pm - Afternoon Keynote: Mobile Cloud, the opportunity and challenge for Telco Service Providers

  • Business drivers and enablers

  • Opportunity domains for Telco Service Providers

  • Example applications

Amir Lahat, Head of Global Business Ventures, Nokia Siemens Networks

SESSION THREE:  The Challenges of the mobile cloud

There is no question that usage of the mobile web will continue to ramp up as new gadgets come to market and networks come online. The real question is, players will adjust their strategies to best take advantages of the mobile cloud computing revolution?  

1435pm - Productivity in a Cloudy World

  • Productivity in a Mobile Cloud World

  • Transitioning and Transforming Business

  • Device + Cloud + Software = Your Future

James Akrigg, Head of Technology for Partners (SMS&P), Microsoft Ltd

1455pm - The Contractual and Data Protection Issues of Cloud Computing

  • Common points of concern in contracts for Cloud Computing

  • Privacy and disclosure provisions in Cloud contracts

  • Cloud computing and EU data protection law

Simon Bradshaw, Research Assistant, Cloud Computing Project, Queen Mary University 

1515pm - Mobile Cloud Computing for e-Health: Regulatory Issues and Opportunities in the EU

  • Case study on the matter

  • Specific data protection and regulatory issues

  • Compliance opportunities

Hans Graux, ICT Lawyer, time.lex law offices

1535pm - Coffee, Networking and Exhibition


Many have predicted that Cloud Computing is the future of mobile.  This final session of the conference looks at the potential and future of mobile cloud computing  in the short, medium and long term.

1555pm - Working without wires | The opportunity of cloud based services for MNO's

  • The importance of mobility to IT strategies

  • Transforming business

  • Working without wires - the rule not the exception

Scott Petty, Business Products & Services Director, Vodafone

1615pm - Don’t run to the clouds - we understand the advantage of the cloud for business but have we forgotten the consumer?

  • One retailer’s perspective

  • Our customer’s needs

  • The Killer App

David Jack, CIO, The Trainline

1635pm - Panel: Future Considerations for the Mobile and IT Industry

  • Evangelos Kotsovinos, Vice- President, Morgan Stanley

  • Simon Bradshaw, Research Assistant, Cloud Computing Project, Queen Mary University
  • Duncan Hallas, VP Business Development UK, Netbiscuits

  • David Jack, CIO, The Trainline

  • Scott Petty, Business Products & Services Director, Vodafone

1705pm - Show Close

Chairman's closing remarks

Mike Spink, Cloud Computing Consultant, Nephologic


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