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Tue 27 Sep, 2011 at 6:00pm
Zigfred Von Underbelly
11 Hoxton Square
London, N1 6NU, UK (Map)
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This month’s Digital Marketing London meet up addresses the important subject of Internet law in relation to social media. Social media has changed the way we communicate and the way that our customers and consumers talk about our business. This openness of conversation has lead to a rise of recent cases involving people and companies being sued for comments that have been made on the social web. 

In recent months we've seen some very interesting test cases involving "footballers" that couldn't be named on the news but were being discussed on Twitter, gagging orders in social media and defamation cases are being brought by celebrities over comments that have been made. We’ve seen a Tory MP make comments about stoning a member of the opposition to death that led to his arrest and day in court. The list goes on and on…. But it doesn’t end there and has become part of every day life for all of us.   

This month we will hear Peter Adediran of PAIL Solicitors discuss how the law has changed and how it’s being applied in cases like these and what we need to know as marketers and internet citizens to keep on the right side of the law.

Presentation Title: Regulating Online Deviance In Social Networks: Harassment, Defamation and Jurisdiction

Outline of Presentation:

- Introduction

- Online interactions in social media


- Using social networks for business and reputation

- How online deviance obstructs customer enagagement

Self Governance and Strategy:

- Choosing the right network

- identifying key risk areas (contractual regulation)

- Social control (moderators)

Legal Regulation: 

- International treaties and laws regulating the social web

- How to acheive order in social networks?

The Future of the Law and Social Business

What the Future Means for Doing Business on the Social Web?

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