Music 4.5: Brand discovery...

Event Info

Wed 28 Sep, 2011 from 2:00pm - 6:30pm
Central London location TBA
London, UK (Map)
Cost: £125+VAT/£155+VAT


Connecting music-tech startups with brands and agencies on the lookout for the new technologies, the new digital communication solutions for promotion, marketing, communications, distribution, and product development (not just the usual synch, and bands/brands discussion) - while making sure that the artist is considered and paid. It's time to look beyond mere sync deals and artist endorsements, because brands are ready to take onboard digital music technology to power up consumer comms. Think Converse's Canvas Experiment with that shoe-based graphic equaliser. Or The Give In To Gu campaign featuring a drum-activated billboard. Not to mention Starbucks' QR-code hunt with Lady Gaga... and 1001 different branded music apps. But it's not simply a question of a brand badging any piece of digital music wizardry and running with it. There has to be very good fit between what that particular piece of kit can actually do, and the marketing message the brand wants to deliver. Plus there are host of issues surrounding these partnerships: -Quality beats all. How do brands ensure they have the right music partner? How do artists find the right partner? -Sell-out or step-up. Just what's in it for those music tech start-ups to get it together with brands? -Mobile, augmented reality, digital gizmo. How can brands find the tech that's right for them? -Labels, brands, tech start-up, artist. Who owns what in these multi-party relationships? -Social media savvy. Who controls Facebook/Twitter comms with consumers, and who really gets the benefits?


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Email / 020 3239 9325