Donald Belcham's Aspect Oriented Programming

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Mon 17 - Tue 18 Dec, 2012 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
MWB Business Exchange
107-111 Fleet Street
London, EC4A 2AB, UK (Map)
Cost: £1195.00


Most applications that you write have a number of cross-cutting concerns in them. They may range from the simple, such as logging, to something much more complex. Identifying and encapsulating these cross-cutting concerns into aspects can be a trying process.

This two day training course on AOP will teach you how to identify cross-cutting concerns in your codebase. You'll be able to encapsulate those cross-cutting concerns into cohesive aspects and apply them to the target code in an efficient manner. Additionally, you will be able to effectively test your aspects to ensure that they are functioning as you expect them to.


  • Knowledge of the different implementations of AOP
  • Experience identifying cross-cutting concerns in a codebase
  • Understanding of the patterns used by basic aspects
  • Experience creating basic aspects
  • Ability to identify tooling requirements for the creation of advanced aspects
  • Ability to create advanced aspects
  • Understanding of how to attach aspects with minimal impact
  • Experience in testing of aspects
  • Understanding of how aspects impact the development environment

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