Delivering UX Innovation

Event Info

Thu 18 Apr, 2013 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm
8 Spital Square
London, E1 6DU, UK (Map)
Cost: Free


User experience has a very central role to play when it comes to innovative technologies and interfaces, but how much do we innovate within the UX discipline itself? In this event, we’ll be focusing on innovative processes, applications and ideas that have the potential to change the way we think about – and deliver – UX.

There will be 3 talks: PersonaEngine, by James Sinclair
After years struggling to find a good way to produce persona’s I came up with an idea to make my life and that of others simpler, the PersonaEngine. That was the easy part, getting it built was a bit more of a struggle, the developer left and the company I was working for went under. So in the Great British tradition I went DIY. Here is the PersonaEngine… Science Fiction in films and how we design the future, by Matthew McGriskin
This is a discussion about how film is influencing design and technology in the future. The presentation will explain how we can use film as a tool to help discover new consumer and user insights. It will also explore questions such as: Who is influencing whom? Are the designers influencing the film industry, or is the film industry influencing the designers? And what does it take to bring an idea from a film into reality? The Light on the Face: why do they call it love when they mean UX? by Alberto Barreiro
This is a presentation about Alberto’s interpretation of innovation from the design perspective. It includes some thinking about a ‘experience-driven process’ that he uses as a way of pushing meaningful innovation. The methodology is based on changing the focus of the design process beyond the specifics of the product usage and start looking at it as an expansion of the ‘human experience’.


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