Exploring Opportunities Through Design: An interactive approach for SMEs

Event Info

Wed 11 Sep, 2013 from 9:30am - 4:30pm
The Work Foundation
,21 Palmer Street
London, SW1H 0AD, UK
Cost: Free


A one-day workshop that closely examines 'Design Thinking' as a viable approach for creative problem solving.


Exploring Opportunities through Design is an ambitious one-day workshop that closely examines 'Design Thinking' as a viable approach for creative problem solving that is becoming a prerequisite for success in business strategy development. It can enable your company to:

•Explore opportunities within strategy development
•Drive innovation through co-creation
•Gain a competitive advantage through design enhancement
•Sustain business growth and long term planning scenarios

The workshop focuses on addressing challenges in a thoughtful and meaningful manner, applying creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication (4Cs). ImaginationLancaster will be facilitating the workshop with exercises that will enable participants to better understand the tools and processes used in design thinking. The workshop will give you the opportunity to:

•Enhance your problem solving skills
•Implement user-centred solutions
•Get involved in rapid and frequent prototyping
•Enhance your communication skills
•Collaborate with others
•Network with other creative-based companies


'Exploring Opportunities through Design' workshop is suitable for creative and digital SMEs (small and medium enterprises) seeking to embed creative problem solving into all facets of their organisation, products, or services to discover new alternatives.

It is a highly interactive workshop and previous experience of Design is not a requirement to attend.

Includes networking lunch

This is a fully funded programme for established SMEs.

For eligibility and registration contact:

E: nooratlondonfusion [dot] org [dot] uk

T: 0207 9763 539


Email / 0207 9763 539