Giovanni Asproni's TDD for Investment Bankers

Event Info

Thu 17 - Fri 18 Oct, 2013 from 9:00am - 6:00pm
The Skills Matter eXchange
116-120 Goswell Road
London, EC1V 7DP, UK
Cost: £1295 (£1165.00 if booked before 18-08-13)


Giovanni Asproni's TDD for Investment Bankers is an advanced two day course aimed specifically at developers working in the investment banking sector. It assumes previous knowledge of TDD and main refactoring techniques. Its aim is to provide hands-on TDD training by using examples that expose some of the typical issues found in investment banking systems, for example asynchronous behaviour, time dependant behaviour and interfacing with databases.

The course is very hands-on and there will be exercises throughout where you will apply all the concepts learnt to a system developed from scratch. TDD is an essential technique for practising effective Agile software development. TDD will also benefit those working in more traditional development environments.


-Practice Test Driven Development to test typical investment banking systems

-Reduce bugs, reduce delivery time and improve schedule predictability.

-Deal with third party APIs, asynchronous communication, concurrent and time dependent behaviour.

Expert: Giovanni Asproni

Giovanni is an independent consultant specialised in helping companies and teams to become more effective at producing and delivering high quality software.

He is a frequent conference speaker, and has been involved with the organisation of several international conferences. He is a past Conference Chair of the London XPDay, and of the ACCU

Giovanni contributed two chapters to the book “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know” published by O’Reilly.


Email / 442071839040