ContextTech Expo

Event Info

Mon 16 Feb, 2015 at 9:00pm
No.1 Bank End
London, SE19BU, UK
Cost: Conference early bird £195


ContextTech Expo, the UK's first Contextual Technology Event hosted as part of The Technology Expo held October 2015 in Central London.

Contextual technology & location based services is the most recent development in the progression of technology. It refers to the fact that technologies are starting to “understand” things about you and your environment – things like your schedule, your location, and your heart rate.

ContextTech Expo will be examining the future technology connecting our worlds, covering all aspects of the five forces of Context

Mobile - Mobile devices now exceed people on the planet, wearable computing is booming, data costs are dropping, and app downloads have gone wild.
Social mediaAlmost 1.5 billion people are on social networks, and businesses are using them to connect with customers, humanize themselves, and learn.
Data – The size of the Internet is expanding at an exponential rate – leading to the idea of big data.  The ability to have little bits of data delivered to us exactly when we want them will really impact our lives.
Sensors – Sensors in technology can emulate three of the five human senses: sight, touch, and hearing. Sensors can talk to us and to each other.
Location-based services –  location is one of the most important parts of our context and is the focal point around contextual technology.

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