Fintech Storm Nov 23 Blockchain for Insurance & Connected Ecosystems

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Mon 23 Nov, 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Rainmaking Loft, E1W1UN
1 st Katherine's way
London, E1w1uN, UK
Cost: GBP25 for startups, GBP45 for others



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In continued tradition of our stupendously successful Fintech Storm Series

Genius Incubator Presents


Fintech Storm - Blockchain for Insurance, Financial Services & Connected Ecosystems 23 November 2015


Come meet the disruptive thought leaders that are imagining the future of banking.


We invited the most innovative firms applying blockchain technology and connected ecosystems to solve industry problems

This is a Meetup not to be missed with talks and a round table where the movers and shakers of the hottest new industry - Fintech - will debate opportunities, and challenges of the new age bank!

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What: Fintech Storm featuring disrupters

Meet the CEOs

See Product Demos

Join the Fintech Revolution!

When: 6:00pm-9:00pm 23 November 2015

Where: Rainmaking Loft, International House

1 Saint Katherine's Way, London, E1W 1 UN

2 min walk from MOORGATE and 4 min walk from Liverpool street stations


See our Blockchain video from recent event on 12th August in London featuring Dave Birch, Simon Taylor, Gideon Greenspan, Colin Kwan, Frank Schuil, Leanne Kamp and Arifa Khan.

Maarten Ectors Vice President IoT, NG Networking & Proximity Cloud


Maarten Ectors is responsible for Internet of Things, the next-generation of networking and cloud solutions that are in proximity of the user or at the edges of the network. Previously he was strategy director for cloud, big data and IoT. Maarten reports to Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical.

Guido Baroncini Turricchia, Founder, Helper Bit  Insurance using Blockchain



Guido developed his interest for GIS and Remote Sensing and focused his research in hydrogeology and water management. In 2013 he started studying math-based currencies.

As partner inCoin Capital consultancy network, he leads the project for the first Italian bitcoin vending machine bit-wallet, and for the first scientific conference in the Italian parliament. He is co-founder of the Bitcoin foundation Italia and At the moment he is the team leader in Helperbit project.

Helperbit is a Natural Disaster Management Platform. In case of catastrophic events our goal is to empower individuals and organizations, offering advanced tools able to mitigate inefficiency, slowness and opacity issues.



Charalampos Doukas , Researcher, Create-Net

On his book “Building Internet of Things with the Arduino” The last couple of years I have built several projects that involve sensing and controlling systems remotely through the Arduino. At the same time I have used and built web apps on Cloud and mobile systems. The idea of combining the latter is basically the fundamental concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). Since there was no other book available that introduces readers to the concept of IoT and at the same time describes how to build projects I thought of writing my own!

The book is divided into three sections: the first section introduces readers to the concept of the Internet of Things, sensors and actuators and the Cloud computing. The second presents the Arduino microcontroller platform and gives details on how to connect your Arduino to the Internet and also how to make it ‘talk’ to your Android phone. The last chapter presents the most common platforms for managing sensor data on the Cloud and gives instructions for building many sensing and controlling projects with the Arduino. It also guides readers to build their own Cloud-based applications and provides many ideas for IoT projects.

What has been your favorite project? I have built a motion analysis system on a sock that uses a textile version of the Arduino and accelerometers. It can tell when someone wearing the sock has fallen and it can also transmit the users’ heartbeat to an Android app.

Do you have any note-worthy engineering experiences?  Once I have been nominated the best paper award for a work on motion analysis and fall detection (and actually was late on the award ceremony). I consider the second note-worthy experience the writing of my book.

Do you have an experiential stories you would like to share?  At the age of 12 I had built a relay switch for turning on the light by clapping my hands. The switch was so sensitive that when I started talking next to the microphone the lamp started to flicker until it got burned out!

What are you currently working on? Evaluating products (like sensors and open hardware platforms) for the Internet of Things Organizing a community for the Internet of Things in Greece Doing research on medical sensors and the Internet of Things Trying to build a Cloud-based system for data mining of air quality data  


Vlad Petrushev,  Chief Operations Europe, Storj


Decentralized cloud storage provider Storj Labs Inc. has announced that its second round of network testing called “Test Group B” has reached the 1 petabyte milestone of managed storage space.
Test Group B is an in-depth test of the platform’s storage client DriveShare, a software that enables users to earn money by sharing extra hard drive space. The Storj Test Group B has reached 1,173 terabytes in storage space and currently supports 293 users online.
“We’re extremely pleased by the support and validation we’ve received from our community,” said CEO Shawn Wilkinson in a statement. “We’re excited to release the world’s first crowdsourced cloud storage platform.”
The Test Group B network test is set to run until late October, with increased rewards and test group participants. In recognition of the 1 petabyte milestone, Storj Labs has increased the testing rewards pool from 100,000 Storjcoin X (SJCX) to 1 million SJCX, which is currently worth around $16,000.
DriveShare is an open-source software powered by the Storj network that is a part of the startup’s successful crowdsale campaign. The DriveShare client allows users to rent out unused hard drive or cloud storage space at the rates of Dropbox, Mega, Box and many other cloud platforms.  


Vlado Petrushev, 25— Economics, and expected M.Sc. in Computer Networks and E-Technology. His working experience include leadership on VoIP project implementation internally within IBM and hardware asset management of IBM data centers in Frankfurt, Germany. In the past, has been a core member of teams which have been awarded at several mobile app competitions and was core member of a software company named Takeplace s.r.o (Czech Republic), leading business development in South-Eastern Europe and managing its mobile unit – Mobidi ( Vlado got involved in Bitcoin in 2012, and since January 2015 is involved with Storj( holding its operations in Europe. Currently is as well active in the Bitcoin scene in Vienna, Austria, and is a prospective founder of a new blockchain related company, working on a concept called "non-destroyable timeless" storage.  

















Thrilled to announce our next debates Nov 11 and Nov 23 6-9pm in London featuring the most awaited  innovations. Our debates are high in Intellectual quotient, scholastic ability and debate to transform the world banking and financial order.      Fintech is at one of the most exciting points in its evolution, with disruption occurring everywhere you look. Alternative financing models, mobile payments and  bitcoin are gaining increasing traction with consumers and businesses alike. Some challenges remain for certain fintech businesses targeting the mainstream, but there’s no denying 2015 is proving a huge year for the global fintech industry. 


“The top 12 VCs that are reputed for spotting billion dollar valuation unicorns early such as Benchmark, Andreeson Horrowitz, Union Square Ventures and Sequoia are investing in Fintech in 4 main verticals of Online Lending, Personal Finance Management, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies, Marketplaces and Peer to Peer platforms.  

We are helping emerging talent in Fintech get that early exposure to the banking & financial services ecosystem  as well as investors, facilitating a deeper understanding and dialogue. We are also evangelising Fintech and bringing sophisticated knowledge of research labs of disrupters like Coinsciences, Cubits,, and their futuristic thinking to the common man.

Talk to our audience. And we have fiercely loyal repeat audience. And they can now debate confidently with technologists on topics as esoteric as blockchain to as mundane as mobile payments.  

The most sought after Fintech companies share a number of characteristics:

They operate in large growing global markets  They are world class in their niche  They have attractive underlying business models with strong recurring revenues  Demonstrable opportunity to drive top line growth  World class talent and teams      Come along for a rich education on this hot new industry thats growing fast and reimagining our economy. Come join a lively evening of insightful presentations from disruptive fintech players and engaging discussions, rounded off by networking drinks with more senior executives from major banking and financial services companies, hot startups and investors.    More profiles to come..  

















 Arifa Khan Founder Fintech Storm Series






Arifa Khan Founder Fintech Storm


Read what the Londoners have to say about the spectacularly successful brand monthly series Arifa Khan has built,">here.


Arifa Khan is a former investment banker in Private Equity led Leveraged Buyouts Mandate M&A transactions, a seasoned finance, strategy and operations executive based in the city of the London, with over 15 years experience in finance, specialising in Leveraged Finance/ Financial Sponsors Coverage/ Debt Products & Credit. She has worked with two suisse banks Credit Suisse & UBS. She has deep sector expertise in finance, operational insights, and the business acumen to forge big strategic partnerships.


Arifa has independently advised companies of all sizes from pre revenue to deal sizes of GBP300m on venture capital funding, scaling, international expansion, strategy etc. As an investment banker she has executed LBOs of sizes upto several billion USD across Europe across verticals such as Healthcare, Media Telecom & IT, Financial Institutions. She is a thought leader on innovation and disruption in financial services and a sought after speaker on payments and fintech at international conferences such as ICBI’s Payments International in London Mar 17-20, and will be speaking at Women’s Economic Forum Goa May 7-11. She currently architects Wharton Distinguished Dinner Series for Wharton UK Alumni Club as a Wharton Club Committee Member, and is currently the Chairperson London Chapter for All Ladies League.


Arifa has an MBA from The Wharton School of Business, a B.Tech degree from IIT Madras in Chemical Engineering. She is passionate about fintech and Blockchain. See her vision of Blockchain here.


Read "besotted with blockchain.." An overview of Blockchain's potential by Arifa Khan on Linkedin.


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Who should Attend?  

Senior  directors or advisors


Professionals working in banking and financial services industry


Compliance or Regulatory professionals


Managers and strategists of finance or investment companies


Advisers and Financial services consultants


Digital transformation specialists


Blockchain researchers


Fintech startups


MBA & other students specialising in finance


Public policy makers


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