Meaning 2015

Event Info

Thu 12 Nov, 2015 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
Brighton Dome Corn Exchange
Church Street
Brighton, BN1 1UE, UK
Cost: £179 +VAT


Meaning conference is the annual gathering for people who believe business can and must be better in the 21st century. 

Our speakers are international thinkers and doers from business, academia and activism, each bringing their view of the challenges and opportunities available to us. So far they include:

Jos de Blok, founder of Buurtzorg

Buurtzorg  is a Netherlands-based organisation that is radically changing the way healthcare is delivered to communities. He will show us how autonomous teams of nurses are being freed from the constraints of management hierarchy in order to to focus on their important work. 

Miriam Turner, Co-innovation lead at Interface

Miriam will explain how the philosophy of the ‘circular economy’ can positively influence creative business decisions. She believes the way to create true sustainability is by taking an innovative approach - not only to the design of products and services, but also to the design of the business relationships that enable the best ideas to flourish. 

James Vaccaro, Head of Strategy at Triodos Bank

James believes it's time to re-imagine the role of banks in shaping our society. He says banks have the power to put human wellbeing above profit -  a belief that has helped build Triodos’ reputation as one of the leading ethical operators in a deeply troubled sector.

Jackie Lynton, Head of Transformation at NHS Horizons 

Jackie is bringing change to the NHS. She believes in working through the disruptive power of connection rather than hierarchy. At Meaning, Jackie will use the story of NHS Change Day and the School for Radicals to show how it's possible to create a grassroots movement in an old-school bureaucracy.

Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

In his book - ‘Frugal Innovation’ Jaideep argues that the western model of innovation is bloated, wasteful and out of sync with current market realities. At Meaning we'll discover what can be learnt from emerging markets where consumer-led ecosystems are creating value outside the formal economy.

Marcus Coates, artist

Best known for his shamanic performances, artist Marcus Coates channels the practices of ancient cultures to attempt to communicate between the human and animal worlds. At Meaning, he will be inviting us to place greater value in our subconscious mind and to use its power to solve the problems we face in life and in business.

Panel: where does power belong in the organisations for the future?

The afternoon panel session will explore two big questions: Is a focus on employee wellbeing merely a means to greater productivity and profit? And what is the relationship between power and ownership? How do the dynamics of a company change when it is owned by its workers or even its customers? NixonMcInnes founder Tom Nixon will chair our panel: community ownership advocate Dave Boyle; people-focussed entrepreneur Jack Hubbard; employee ownership expert Carole Leslie and Tarun Gidoomal - investor in people and culture.

At Meaning you'll learn from these pioneers and build connections with like-minded peers. More speakers to be announced over the coming weeks. Join us. Be part of change.

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