A WoodWing Webinar to Help Retailers Take Control of their Digital Assets

Event Info

Thu 19 Nov, 2015 from 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Cost: free


This is a free webinar being run by software firm WoodWing which is being run for the retail sector.  It will reveal the results of a study by consulting firm Ovum about how well organisations in the retail sector are managing their digital assets (images, video, audio, text and more) - one of the key findings from the research being that retailers are wasting an enormous amount of time searching for files for use in marketing, merchandising and across a broad spectrum of business systems.

In addition, there will be insight from the largest Dutch e-tailer, Bol.com, about how they've solved this challenge and the benefits the company enjoys now they can easily and effectively integrate their digital assets with their other business systems (CRM etc).

The webinar is at 2pm UK time on Thursday 19th November.

The link to register for the event is here: http://page.woodwing.com/webinar-retail-ovum-bol.html


Retailers need to stop wasting their time: A Woodwing Webinar on better managing digital assets.

Multi-channel communication and marketing automation drive continuous growth of stocks of media files in the retail sector.  Obviously, retailers must come to grips with these enormous stocks of digital assets - mainly images, but also video, audio, text and more. But how:

  • Can they get a handle on their digital assets?
  • Do they manage, use and share them to get the most out of them?
  • Do they ensure that their assets are used properly?
  • How strong is retailer´s awareness of the need for digital asset management (DAM)?
  • How well do they understand DAM?

A study conducted by the consulting firm Ovum on behalf of WoodWing sheds light on these and many more questions. The study by Ovum is based on telephone interviews with 250 retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom. The results provide an overview of digital asset management in the retail industry. A key finding: Retailers waste an enormous amount of time searching for files.

In this webinar, Sue Clarke, Senior Analyst IT - Information Management at Ovum, will present the results of the study and thus provide you with the basis for sustainable decisions.

Furthermore, Stijn Kieft, Business Analyst - Product & Content Innovations at bol.com, will explain how the largest Dutch e-tailer has solved the challenge and what benefits the company enjoys by the integration of digital asset management with other business systems.