IP in the Digital Age

Event Info

Mon 20 Feb, 2017 from 9:00am - 4:00pm
Digital Catapult Centre
Euston Road
London, NW1 2RA, UK
Cost: FREE


DETC is tasked with bringing gaming and other capabilities from the Digital sector into UK automotive to improve automotive’s global competitiveness and to help solve some of the challenges facing automotive including real-world emissions, flexible manufacturing, and test of increasingly complex safety-critical vehicles systems.

Gaming, in particular, has far shorter design and product life-cycles compared to traditional engineering industries such as automotive, and this rapid speed of development, exploitation, and obsolescence has seen them develop & adopt different approaches to intellectual property (IP) ownership rights and exploitation.  

There is clearly a difference of opinion between automotive and these newer business sectors in terms of how IP should be handled and, indeed, on the associated subjects of contracts; supplier relationships; etc. This workshop will help Digital and Automotive better understand each other’s points of view and look into how emergent technologies, such as Blockchain, must be embraced to help UK automotive reap the benefits of fast transactions and lower cost (and less obstructive) ways of handling IP with these new supply-chain entrants.

Objectives For both sectors present (UK automotive and UK digital/gaming) to understand the current IP models used on both sides, where those models work and where they are creating barriers to engagement To look into how newer IP and contractual models might work for both sectors, how to remove the barriers to adoption, and which tools might help in that regard Review the emergent trends of Blockchain, related tools, and X-as-a-service business models To help establish links between UK digital SMEs, UK automotive, and UK academia for future collaborative research & working in this area