Digital Mindfulness Live

Event Info

Wed 24 - Thu 25 May, 2017 from 10:00am - 3:30pm
London South Bank University
103 Borough Road
London, SE1 0AA, UK
Cost: £299-499


We are hyperconnected to the world’s information, we are constantly connected. But, people around the world continuously report feeling more disconnected with other people and with organisations. Digital Technologies that were designed to capture our attention, make us smarter and more efficient all too often end up being distracting and demanding, often with negative effects on business and humanity.

At Digital Mindfulness Live, our goal is to bring together a community of people dedicated to designing technologies that respect attention and those actively working to meet the challenges of digital distraction and information overload in our personal and professional lives.

Digital Mindfulness Live is the community’s foremost live event celebrating groundbreaking work in the areas of design, leadership, health & wellness, marketing, productivity, creativity and much more.