March Meet-up Designing for Conversations & Messaging With Oracle & Orange

Event Info

Tue 13 Mar, 2018 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Oracle City Office
1 South Place
London, EC2M 2RB, UK
Cost: £9.21


The March meet-up, we have three speakers covering the different aspects of conversations, bots & messaging, hosted at Oracle's office in Moorgate. Join us for three exciting talks covering the new messaging facilities available via the native messaging client, mutli-lingual chatbots and useful insights when designing conversations.

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  • 6:30 Registration

  • 7:00 Linus Hakansson – Best Practices and Design Decisions for Building Multi-Lingual Chatbots

  • 7:20 Asha Trimble – Evolution of the Native Messaging Client

  • 7.40 Christopher Weeks and Alastair Byrne - The Benefits and Weaknesses of Chatbots

  • 8:00 Q&A

  • 8:30 Networking & beers

Linus Hakansson, Specialist Solutions Consultant, Oracle

Linus is a Specialist Solutions Consultant, focusing on Application Development, Mobile and Intelligent Bots in Oracle EMEA Cloud Pursuit Team. He helps customers and partners with application development and innovation. Previous to joining Oracle, Linus was responsible for the planning and general architecture of two of Sony Mobile’s cloud offerings.

In this session, he will look at an international tourism bot that can handle interactions with users in any language. What are the design decisions we need to make when designing such a bot?

Asha Trimble, Lead Design Manager, Orange

Over the past 20 years working within the wireless telco industry, Asha has gained hands-on and managerial experience in UI/UX and interaction design. In her current role, Asha is responsible for strategising, exploring, innovating, designing and delivering communication products and services for the European and MEA markets. Asha has deep insights of how the needs and usages have evolved digitally in the mobile device spectrum. She has a keen eye and a critical mind when it comes to everyday experiences.

She is going to talk about how to find out what new UX challenges an enriched P2P mobile operator messaging experience brings when it is combined with A2P business conversational commerce services.

Christopher Weeks and Alastair Byrne - Co-founders of Bounce

Alastair and I started Bounce with the core mission of supporting and inspiring everyone to better look after their mental wellbeing. Bounce is the Couch to 5k for mental health. Our AI-powered bot guides you through evidence-based micro-exercises to get you started on your journey towards a happier, healthier, stronger mind

In our talk we will go through the learnings we have developed from running a chatbot startup over the last year. The talk will highlight some of the benefits and weaknesses of chatbots, and define a number of core design principles that we have learnt from building Bounce.



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