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Chinwag Live Chinwag Live is a series of events founded to cast light on trends in the digital media and marketing industry. Each discussion features a panel of experts and lively discussion from a well-informed audience.

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Does the future fill you with excitement or gloom? As 2007 draws to a close, Chinwag assembles some leading figures from digital marketing and advertising to gaze into their crystal balls and predict where we'll be in 5 years time.
This Chinwag Live session at ad:tech London asks: how will the growth of widgets, aggregators and web-feeds effect the online and mobile media landscape?
After nearly a decade of hype about webcasting and the like, what is the real state of the web TV landscape? How will business and production models develop online? What will become key factors in the success of video content on the web? What will the future hold for this medium?
Despite the hype there are downsides to social media - virtual problems are invading our real lives, or is it vice versa..?
When you can get all your favourite bits of the web delivered to a feed reader or a personalised homepage, bypassing the "destination website" setup, what are the implications for brands, marketing and digital media?
How is the PR industry adapting now that social media is heading for mainstream adoption?
Google still leads the search world. But two spanners are flying towards its works. Yahoo's new "Panama" platform and Microsoft's AdCenter.
Mobile business models are starting to shift, and with them the mobile value chain. How will these changes grow the mobile market and who will benefit? Will 2007 be the tipping point?
When Web 2.0 collides with Bubble 2.0 is the result real, sustainable business or faddish pipe dreams?