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Subject: Re: FLASH: my online resume
From: John Brzys
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 15:12:43 +0100

>> check out my resume, http://www.jmu.edu/reslife/resume2.html
>> I'd appreciate comments and suggestions
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Anthony

Resumes need to be an electronic document or at least in a text format.
On-line resumes need to be HTML.

Recruiters have a specific way of doing things. They like
resumes in the doc format so they can import the information
into their database.

A HTML on-line resume can be printed, saved, or selected and pasted
into a word document.

A recruiter does not have time these days to read whole resumes and look for
specifics when there is technology to do that.

They find individuals be typing in keywords and matching them to their
of resumes. When they find a match, they pull up the document and with any
read it and give you a call.

At least it works for me. on-line resume at ---->

John Brzys

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