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Subject: FLASH: Announcement: Macromedia Delivers Generator 2
From: Brad Bechtel
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 19:21:58 +0100

Thought you folks would like to see this announcement.

----- Original Message -----
From: Macromedia PR <pratmacromedia [dot] com>
Subject: <WORLDWIDE> Macromedia Delivers Generator 2


Seybold San Francisco 99 SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - August 30, 1999
Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced Macromedia Generator 2, the solution for
personalizing, automating, and visualizing graphical content for high-impact
Web sites. Generator 2 delivers targeted, real-time graphics and
for Web sites that feature on-demand content in a rich visual experience.
Leading corporations implementing Generator today for their Internet
strategies include Prudential, Internet Shopping Network and Ford Motor

Generator enables companies, who are facing increased competition online, to
create "sticky" sites that combine rich interactive graphics, charts, tables
and animations with up-to-the-minute information. Generator has an open
architecture that integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise
infrastructures. Benefits to corporations include improved communication
through visual impact, reduced development time by separating design from
content, and better customer service through personalized content.

The new version of Generator adds streamlined authoring with Flash 4 to make
creation of dynamic templates faster and easier, as well as the ability to
and drop objects for adding dynamic content. On the server side, performance
has been enhanced to provide 30 percent faster delivery of data and users
have the ability to access data driven content through URLs. Delivery
have also been improved with 3D interactive charting and advanced publishing
capabilities including Apple QuickTime 4.

"Macromedia's goal with Generator is to automate the production of Web sites
that deliver personalized content with high-impact designs. Generator gives
corporations strong brand expression combined with up-to-the-minute content,
for increased customer satisfaction," said David Mendels, senior vice
and general manager of Macromedia's Web Publishing division. "The robust new
feature set delivers a streamlined solution for e-commerce, e-business,
advertising, news and information services, and financial services."

Generator enables companies to establish and maintain unique e-business
identities through rich online experiences that engage customers. For
e-commerce, Generator provides companies with a streamlined, automated
to implement updates that are personalized and current. Financial
use Generator to deliver secure and customized financial information in a
variety of graphical formats that include tickers, stock charts and pie
For advertising, Generator delivers one-to-one on-line advertisements that
use customer buying patterns and preferences to target content.

The Internet Shopping Network turned to Generator and Flash when it had to
implement a new business model within 90 days for its firstjewelry.com site.
"When Internet Shopping Network launched firstjewelry.com, we needed to
establish brand and set tone for our new business. We needed to have a very
interesting site that was fast and reliable," said Keith Foxe, Executive
Director of Creative at Internet Shopping Network. "Generator enabled us to
implement an innovative and critical component of the site. Sun, Netscape
Oracle provided the reliable, fast backend architecture."

Macromedia Generator is designed to work with leading products from
Corp., Netscape Communications Corp., Oracle Corp., and Sun Microsystems,
to deliver integrated Web solutions for large enterprise customers. "Sun
servers, with the Solaris(TM) Operating Environment and Java(TM)
have become a platform of choice for e-businesses looking to develop and
robust Web sites," said Bill Correll, worldwide market development manager,
digital media and entertainment, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "By choosing
Macromedia's Generator 2, Sun customers can deliver a compelling and rich
experience that helps them stand out from the competition."

Generator 2 is a server solution that automates the delivery of dynamic
content, personalizes a Web site visitor's experience, and visualizes
content for clearer messaging and stronger branding. Key features of
2 include:

. Generator objects palette -- These drag and drop objects add dynamic
including charts, tickers, scrolling lists, images, tables, Flash movies and
sound, all of which can be automatically updated and modified in real-time.

. Professional authoring environment -- Development is streamlined with
Flash 4
to provide an easy-to-use, visual authoring environment. The new Generator
Template Inspector tightens the integration with Flash 4 by allowing authors
easily change the way an object looks and behaves. This new floating palette
allows the Web designer to fluidly create and modify an object with a single

. Media anywhere -- Data driven content can now be accessed with URLs, in
addition to SQL queries, ODBC/JDBC, Java class APIs or text files, providing
tight data integration to control the site's content and flexibly expanding
your data access needs.

. Advanced Publishing capabilities -- Generator 2 now outputs QuickTime
in addition to GIF, animated GIF, JPG, PNG, and SWF (Flash movie) formats.

. Enhanced charting capabilities -- Generator 2 has a rich charting engine
has added 3D pie charts, stock charts and tables. The stock charts
automatically include high, low, open and close information as well as
advanced financial functions.

. High performance architecture -- Performance with Generator 2 has
30 percent, providing faster data delivery to Web site visitors.

Generator 2 will be available for Windows NT with Microsoft Internet
Information Server (IIS) 3.0 and 4.0 and Personal Web Server 4.0; and
with Apache and the Sun-Netscape Alliance's iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise
Edition 4.0. The Windows NT version is expected to ship in September and
additional versions are slated to ship in the fall. Pricing for Generator 2
starts at $2,999 with upgrades at $1,499. The Generator authoring extensions
for Flash 4 can be downloaded in September for free from

Macromedia's mission is to add life to the Web. By providing its
Web Publishing solutions to Web designers, consumers, and the enterprise,
Macromedia is delivering a completely new generation of Internet
designed to transform the Web experience. Headquartered in San Francisco,
Macromedia (NASDAQ: MACR) has more than 550 employees worldwide and is
available on the Internet at http://www.macromedia.com.

Macromedia, Generator and Flash are trademarks of Macromedia Inc., as
indicated. Other company names, brand names and product names may be
trademark(s) of others.

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