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Subject: FLASH: flash 4 tutorial page visibility problems
From: Jake Miller
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 20:28:54 +0100

I downloaded the flash demo last week, worked through the lessons and then
built the fridge magnet website in the tutorial. It all works great inside
flash--the movie tests fine until I publish it and open it in Netscape 4.51.
Inside the browser the movie clips that are supposed to be invisible (due to
a frame action that sets their visibility property to zero) at the start of
the movie are both visible (illegible as they sit on top of each other), and
the buttons that are supposed to make one clip appear and the other
dissappear don't work (rollover graphics changes happen, but clicking on
button does nothing). I published the finished example of the tutorial page
that Macromedia provides, and it has the same problems. I built another
simple movie myself--making a circle appear and dissappear when you click
various buttons, etc.--with the same results. Does the demo have limited
capabilities, or am I missing something important?

Jake Miller


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  Re: FLASH: flash 4 tutorial page visibil, Russell E. Unger

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