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Subject: Re: FLASH: flash 4 tutorial page visibility problems
From: Jake Miller
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 21:33:24 +0100

Thanks for getting back with these questions. I'm very new to Flash, so much
of what seems obvious to some of you veterans is very new and mysterious to

>From: "Russell E. Unger" <rungeratzaxcoms [dot] com>
>A couple of obvious questions (to me):
>Have you defined the buttons as "buttons"?
>Have you defined a "hit space"?

The buttons came pre-built in a library that came with the tutorial, and
they have "hit spaces" that came built in, I guess; they work like buttons
and do all they are supposed to do as long as I'm testing the movie inside
of Flash. The problem seems to be that the visibility property isn't working
in my movies once the page is published and opened in Netscape. I'd feel
better if the page I built didn't work and the sample, finished page they
built did, but since their factory sample has the same problems that my
home-made one does, I'm very confused.

>This could also be an issue of Tell Targeting... [snip]

I don't even know what Tell Targeting is.

>Wow, I think I may have effectively caused more confusion than help here.

I must say, I was pretty pleased with myself, working through the lessons
and the tutorial, with everything working like clockwork until I published
the page and tried to make it work in a browser.

Is it possible that I've set something wrong in the publish settings? Do
movies usually run the same in the browser as they do inside the authoring
environment, or is there always a cranky debugging stage that follows
designing and creating the movie?

Jake Miller


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