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Subject: Re: FLASH: flash 4 tutorial page visibility problems
From: Drey Cameron
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 03:15:08 +0100

Jake Miller wrote:
>I downloaded the flash demo last week, worked through the lessons and then
>built the fridge magnet website in the tutorial. It all works great inside
>flash--the movie tests fine until I publish it and open it in Netscape 4.51.
>Inside the browser the movie clips that are supposed to be invisible (due to
>a frame action that sets their visibility property to zero) at the start of
>the movie are both visible (illegible as they sit on top of each other), and
>the buttons that are supposed to make one clip appear and the other
>dissappear don't work (rollover graphics changes happen, but clicking on
>button does nothing). I published the finished example of the tutorial page
>that Macromedia provides, and it has the same problems. I built another
>simple movie myself--making a circle appear and dissappear when you click
>various buttons, etc.--with the same results. Does the demo have limited
>capabilities, or am I missing something important?

I had this problem, and someone else posted this same problem last week.
I realized that I still had only the Flash 3 plug-in for my browser, so
upgrading the plug-in to version 4 fixed it. I suggested this solution to
the other fellow, but never heard one way or the other...


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