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Subject: FLASH: Button inside a movie clip
From: Vince French
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 14:53:55 +0100

Hey Flashers *grin*

I was wondering if someone could help me with a particular button
problem I can't seem to solve.

I have a Movie Clip (HammerSwing) of a swinging hammer (I know, that
damned hammer again). Then I created a button (HammerButton) with the
up and over state being the still positions, and the down state being
the Movie Clip of the swing. So now, I have a button, containing a
movie clip. So far so good. But I want to drag this button around (so
that it follows my cursor). So I must make a movie clip with the
button in the first frame (HammerControlClip). Please, let me know if
any of this sounds out of sync so far.

Here lies the problem... I need to be able to get the X coordinate of
the movie clip HammerControlClip when I click it. Then, based on its
location, I control other movies which are irrelevant to this problem.
It seems like when I have a button in a movie clip, it doesn't respond
well (erratic clicking behaviour). When I replace the button in the
movie clip with graphic frames instead, it responds much better
(smoother dragging), but no longer accepts clicks. I'm just trying to
figure out where the best place for script is.. or how you people do
it. I can't put mouse events in the Frame script, and I can't script a
movie clip. I can script a button, but I can't drag it (which I need
to do). And when I put a button in a movie clip, it gets all wacky.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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