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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash Corporate User Statistics
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 21:29:20 GMT

At 2:47 AM 12/1/0, Sharon [dot] BennettatSAAConsultants [dot] com wrote:
>I'm a web designer at an e-business software solutions company.
>Currently, we cannot use Flash technology on our site, as the security
>dept will not let it through our firewall due to (supposed) security
>issues. I disagree with this and I am currently writing a report
>outlining why I think we should reconsider this guideline. Our website is
>focused toward a corporate audience and thus, I am trying to find
>statistics on what percentage of corporate web users have the flash
>player, but the info on Macromedia's site is based on US statistics only.
>Can anyone offer any advice regarding where I can get hold of UK

Actually, the MediaMetrix statistics are global, but I'm not certain
whether they separate the UK from the rest of the EU. In addition to that
these are consumer samples rather than samples across various intranet
restrictions, which in themselves seems like they'd have varying

For "How might someone think there's a security issue?" then the usual
confusion we see is "It's an ActiveX Control, and we can't let people
install ActiveX Controls from the web." While it's true that accepting
arbitrary executable code from others can be risky (as seen in today's
falsely-titled "Flash virus" stories), the Macromedia site is a known
quantity, with millions of installations each day, every day, for years.
Accepting the Macromedia Flash Player as ActiveX Control is observably not
a security risk, although a superficial understanding of the issues can
confuse some.

For "If we can't download the Macromedia Flash Player over the web, then
how can we get it?" then it's already available on your operating system
CDs, in new computers, in browser CDs and downloads, and more. Doing a full
installation from disk is enough to get a version of the Macromedia Flash
Player. To make sure everyone has the current version, you can license the
installer for intranet use:

(Hosting a SWF does not involve the firewall... it uses regular HTTP
connections. The only "firewall" issues I can think of offhand are for
installation, but I may have picked up a different concern behind their
statements, sorry.)


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