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Subject: Re: HTML for Flash movies
From: Josh Campbell
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 22:58:22 GMT

This is useful to know. What do you mean by slow? Is it slow to create the script
or is the script it creates slow?
I'm interested to know as Flash is an effective way of creating animations and we
would like to keep using it. As with all things though if it can't effectively be
put into a HTML page it's not much use.

Tommy Rainwater wrote:

> Just a quick note on AFTERSHOCK. Slow.
> Through my testing, (granted, only a few hours of it...) it was prohibitively
> slow.
> I tested it on every platform and browser, (PC, MAC, SGI...) and did not get
> a reasonable
> result out of any.
> But hey, it technically WORKS. It can only get better.....



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