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Subject: Re: transparent flash movie
From: John Croteau
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 12:45:35 GMT

Hi everyone,

Even after jd's clear explanation some people are still blocked on
transparent backgrounds in Flash2.

Re: http://www.trollop.com/people/raven/flash/butterfly.html
This is a test page meant for IE4 Win95/NT only and all the graphics are
Flash and use the <OBJECT tags only and there are no <EMBED tags, gifs
or anything else that will show up in Netscape thus a blank white screen
is normal for Netscape. In IE3 Win95/NT you will see the graphics but
they they will not overlap and show off the transparent background and

The area that is made transparent by the WMODE="transparent" parameter
is the area where there is NO drawn graphics. There is no setting as to
what color is transparent because it is set by the absence of objects in
Flash that determines where Flash2 is transparent. If you place any
bitmap, object, text or symbol on the canvas in Flash that area is no
longer going to be capable of being transparent in Flash2, and then only
in MSIE4 in Win95/NT with the WMODE set to transparent. MM has not
released a plug-in that will support transparent backgrounds and
layering and when they do it will work only in Netscape 4 or later

To see what will be transparent goto Modify > Movie and change the
color in Background. Only the areas where you see the color change of
the background, are the ones that can be transparent in IE4 Win95/NT. If
you don't see the new background color anywhere, then you have covered
up the background and you will get NO transparent background and there
is no color setting to change that. You must remove objects where you
want it to be transparent.

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