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Subject: Re: transparent flash movie
From: John Dowdell
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 21:44:39 GMT

At 6:14 AM 2/18/98, Eliran wrote:
>Right now, it's available only in IE4. I'd love to know whether Macromedia's
>team has any plans to include it also in Netscape 4 in the future.

Sorry... guess I should've typed the whole thing.... ;)

IE4/Win32 is one of the first environments to support windowless
extensions, and the current Flash ActiveX Control is one of the first
controls to take advantage of this ability.

Netscape has also been working on windowless plugins, and the range of
extensions and the range of environments are both expected to increase,
although I've seen no expected dates for any particular engine. (In other
words, the same windowless capability is expected for Flash plugins at some
future date, for Director plugins and controls at some future date, etc.)
Note that the host is an integral part of the equation... I don't think
that IE3/Win32 will ever support this ability.

Best: It's here right now for the current Flash ActiveX Control in
IE4/Win32, and other versions are expected to come online as available.

j "rubbing Ben Gay into his finger joints" d

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