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Subject: Re: transparent flash movie
From: Tina Woo
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 02:22:30 GMT

btw, did anyone find that after you make the imported gif to the flash
movie and make it transparent, the graphic will move slower than the one
I don't need to make it transparent.

One more thing, some weeks ago I try to send e-mail to ask if there is a
limit of exported movie size for the trial verson of flash2?? it can't
be larger than 844kb.

maybe my e-mail address that I find is wrong last time, so I hope this
time I can send it from reply. Hope that someone will find it and help
me to solve this problem. I'm a beginner for flash.


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>Subject: Re: transparent flash movie
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>At 02:40 PM 2/17/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>what i want to know is how the browser selects a transparent color
>>the .swf file, or more importantly, do all i have to is select a solid
>>color background from my modify movie menu, and IE4'll take care of
>>rest, is it based on the first pixel like gif animation?
>I haven't done this myself yet, but I am planning on doing the
>same thing on my site. I think that as long as you have an
>object showing and not covering the entire scene, that the
>background will show up no matter what color you set the
>movie to. It's like when you specify the background color
>in the activeX control to override the color that you set in
>the actual movie.
>I'm not certain on this, but this is what I am assuming and
>I would like to hear anything on the subject matter myself.
>What is the deal with the lag time when posting to the list?
>I sent a post out about five hours ago and it just went up...

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