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Subject: Re: tweened button actions
From: Tina Woo
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 02:36:51 GMT

Can you send it to me too??
Christina Woo

E-mail: tina_wathotmail [dot] com

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>Subject: Re: tweened button actions
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>flasheratshocker [dot] com,Internet writes:
>>>>One button can have many actions along a timeline. Each time a
>>>>on a button layer is set, the action can be changed.
>>>>So at frame 10 a button could link to URL test1.html and at frame 20
>>>>the same button could link to test2.html.
>>>>Because a tween involves two key frames (one to start the tween, one
>>>>end it), I'm wondering if perhaps the action on the key frame at the
>>>>end of your tween isn't set?
>>>No- this doesn't work - the actionbs only function at the keyframes.
>>>Entering a keyframe at evryframe is a drag.
>I'm jumping back into this after a while away, but in my experience
>actions do function at the frames inbetween the keyframes. I have a
>test movie with a button tweening back and forth along a path, and the
>button is completely active the whole way along the path, not just at
>the two ends. GetURL actions work fine at any point during the tween.
>I'd be happy to send the original .fla file over if you want to play
>with it yourself (need your email address tho'. don't want to upload it
>to the group...).

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  Re: tweened button actions, John Croteau

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