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Subject: AI and SWF colours again
From: rhamelers
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 11:06:47 GMT

Hi all,

Yesterday I asked a question about the colour changes that occur when
dragging an Illustrator image to Flash.
Nick Austin replied "From my understanding - ILL 6.0 only works in CMYK and
not RGB. This will cause the colour translations to be different". This
gave me an idea. I once changed the colour matching preferences in
Illustrator to work together with Photoshop (so that Illustrator colours
look the same in Photoshop).
Although this not actually what I wanted to do with Flash (since it works
the wrong way round - I want Flash images to look like Illustrator images
not vice versa) it is still a nice tip. I think some of you will appreciate

The tip is: you can start drawing your CMYK images in Illustrator making
them look like RGB images (thanks for the brainwave Nick).
In Illustrator go to: File:Preferences:Color Matching...
Double-click the colours in the Color Matching window. Set the RGB values
for the colours as follows:
Cyan: 0/100/100
Magenta: 100/0/100
Yellow: 100/100/0
Red: 100/0/0
Green: 0/100/0
Blue: 0/0/100
White: 100/100/100
Black: 0/0/0
Black CMY: 0/0/0

Remember: this is also handy for those who like to start designing their
sites in Illustrator and then import objects into Photoshop. No colour
changes will occur.

Martin McLaren: thanks for the tip (exporting to jpeg).
This works too. Unfortunately resizing is not possible (unless you'd like
your images blurred ;-) ).
You'll have to make sure you start off with your images big enough.
Though Martin's tip is the only one so far that makes it possible to keep
the original colours from Illustrator to Flash.

Any other ideas/comments are welcome, Flashers ;-)

Roger Hamelers

  Re: AI and SWF colours again, Martin McLaren

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