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Subject: Re: Flash How-to? FAQ.
From: John Croteau
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:08:27 GMT

Hi Peerapat,

1) how can I export a Flash-made animations onto a browser at my
specific size (64x48)

The size you set on the canvas does not affect the size in an HTML page.
The size in an HTML page is set by the height and width commands. For
pixel setting use
width=64 height=48 must be placed 2 times once in the <OBJECT for MSIE
3/4 using ActiveX in Win95/NT and also inthe <EMBED for other browsers.
You can also set size with percentages. The canvas size used in the
editor will affect the display size in the .exe standalone player. For
general HTML use the ratio of the height to width is important not the
exact numbers (Flash is scalable).

2) 2. For the "Zoom In" function, is there a limit to the number of
times one want to zoom in to view at any particular animations?

Yes, Flash2 only allows you to zoom in 5 times at a canvas size of
640x480 and up to 7 times at 2800x2800. Smaller canvas sizes reduce the
scalability. Larger canvas sizes do not increase the .swf file except
possibly by a byte or two to handle the larger number used to designate
the canvas size.

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  Flash How-to? FAQ., Peerapat

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