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Subject: Re: lines & selection. bug?
From: Joshua Ulm
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 21:06:24 GMT

i've noticed this too. it usually happens to me when i have several lines
and try to align them using Flash's command to do that. once they align,
some disappear but appear when others are selected, etc. (see below).
Basically i just gave up trying to align them with the command and did it


>Hi Folks,
>I'm having a *lot* of trouble with lines & selection.
>When dealing with multiple lines (straight) (symbols) the selection system
>seems to go crazy.
>Creating lines and then trying to align them. Goes nuts.
>Clicking off selects certain lines, clicking off again selects different
>ones. Trying to deselect and reselect is also wierd. I haven't been able
>to get a number of lines to line up yet. Command-K can result in some
>lines just going away.
>This is very repeatable.
>Is it a bug, or lack of sleep on my part?
>I'm using the mac version.
>Any help is apprreciated.

quokka sports.
ph. 415.977.2383
e1. ulmatquokka [dot] com

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