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Subject: Re: NS Comm 4.04 always Java??
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 11:20:41 GMT

>The Netscape 3 browser loads Java at startup; the Netscape 4 browser
>loads Java at first demand. You can remove the Java notification for your
>Flash page by telling the browser that your page won't use LiveConnect when
>this becomes available for Flash.

Thanks John, Lane & Tom,

Ok, I guess I'll be waiting for that then.

First, the "java loading" delay bugs me - several seconds,
and second it gives the client the impression that the flash page was done
in Java, stealing the credit from Flash.
I actually had someone write & ask me how hard it was to write that
animation in Java!

This is not to discredit the great & essential work done by MM people like
Slavik Lozben on the Java Player. The rendering and playback on the new
mac version is *a lot* better than it used to be; I have no problems with
it except that it's still a full-third+ slower than the plug-n, but it
seems to be getting better all the time. If it ever gets to be as fast as
the plug-n on the mac, it will really change things. Perhaps some day
we'll see an "Export as Applet" item in the Flash file menu? Wouldn't a
native applet be faster than a player applet interpteting a swf file?


Wayne Townsend
Dallas, Texas
US- 972.713.8705
waynetatTopher [dot] Net (mailto:waynetatTopher [dot] Net)
wayneatWebStaffing [dot] Net (mailto:wayneatWebStaffing [dot] Net)
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  NS Comm 4.04 always Java??, Wayne Townsend
  Re: NS Comm 4.04 always Java??, John Croteau

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