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Subject: caching scenes....
From: christian griffith
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 15:02:10 GMT

hi all....
i am trying to figure out how to 'cache' scenes.  what i want to do is after someone views a particular scene, and then hits "back"....when they do go back the whole front animation runs all over again.  i want just to just go back to the finished part of the front animation (the menu) without animating again.  my example is http://www.freebairn.com/flash2
you can see how whenever a screen is viewed and then someone hits back.....the whole animation runs.
any help, suggestions, or tutorials would be great.......
Christian Griffith
New Media Producer
Freebairn & Co.   www.freebairn.com
"everything you ever wanted to know about Macromedia Flash"

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