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Subject: Re: auto-resizing of movies?
From: Dave Smith
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 14:53:44 GMT

Jim Curry wrote:
> To make the file resize to the browser when it changes, just set the
> parameters in the html code to percentages rather than absolute values.
> For example: If you designate the movie to be 85% w and 95% h, it will
> get bigger to take up more space if the window is enlarged and shrink
> accordingly if it is made smaller.
> --
> Jim Curry :-)

Heya Jim,

I've noticed in the past that Flash is real picky when it comes to
resizing in HTML, especiallly when dealing with images. In some
cases It seems to give the images a low quality look even though
they have been exported at 100% quality, look fine in the editor,
and are assigned to "high quality" in the viewer.
This problem only occurs occasionally, but is irritating none the less.

I only notice these problems when assigning different pixel deminsions
in the HTML than that of the original Flash movie size. I havent
experimented with Percentage sizing with Flash files.

Has anyone noticed these same problems with Percentage sizing?

I try to create my Flash files in the exact pixels as I plan on using
them in the HTML. However with differnt monitor resolutions It limits
my control of how I want the Movie to be viewed.

Can any experienced Flashers comment on this.

Any intellegent replies most appreciated.


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