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Subject: Flash 2 questions
From: Charles Iscove (by way of Sam Michel <owneratchinwag [dot] com>)
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 14:50:45 GMT

Hello there:

I have been using the 30-day trial version of Flash and have some

1) I noticed that "Action" doesn't do anything when you are working
within a button. I thought that, in theory, you should be able to
change scenes on a rollover (without going to "hit") but placing the
action in the "over" or even "down" states did nothing. Is there any
way to do this?

I was trying to construct my web page so that when you rolled over one
photo, the other 3 pictures that were not being rolled over
disappeared. This worked fine if the picture in question was in the top
layer. The picture in the second layer left two photos on the screen -
the one in the third left three and the one in the fourth left four.
Placing all of them in one layer didn't work either. I figured if I
could jump to another scene on a rollover I could make that photo the
top row in the next scene. Nothing worked so I just left them all on.

2) The "clear frame" doesn't seem to work in the first frame of a scene
or a button. I kept having to copy and paste an empty frame in. This
was a pain. Is there a way to do this?

3) What movie dimensions do you use for the web? I noticed that
changing dimensions only changed
porportions of the overall size and it was difficult to figure out what
was best.

4) Is there a way to link to an email address inside Flash? My book
only mentions linking to another URL. On my web page I stuck the link
for comments outside flash.

5) I placed a link to a background color page in my HTML default page
followed by the link to my Shockwave movie. On my computer at home
(using Netscape) this color carried into the movie to create a uniform
color. However, when viewed through another person's access their was
no background color to my movie. Why? (I made the background
transparent in Flash.)

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

Charles Iscove

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