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Subject: Re: Flash 2 questions
From: John Croteau
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 18:32:40 GMT

Hi Charles ,

> 1) I noticed that "Action" doesn't do anything when you are working
> within a button. I thought that, in theory, you should be able to
> change scenes on a rollover (without going to "hit") but placing the
> action in the "over" or even "down" states did nothing. Is there any
> way to do this?
Actions in the Button editting window though present are non-functional.
The only button action in Flash2 is the down or click action which is
accessed from the main canvas by double clicking the button.

> I was trying to construct my web page so that when you rolled over one
> photo, the other 3 pictures that were not being rolled over
> disappeared. This worked fine if the picture in question was in the top
> layer. The picture in the second layer left two photos on the screen -
> the one in the third left three and the one in the fourth left four.
> Placing all of them in one layer didn't work either. I figured if I
> could jump to another scene on a rollover I could make that photo the
> top row in the next scene. Nothing worked so I just left them all on.
You need to create invisible buttons with the Up states of the four
buttons transparent.
Place the actual photos on a lower layer underneath the buttons.

In each of the Over/Down states of the buttons,
the area over that button is transparent but a screen is placed over
each of the other 3 buttons to hide the other photos.

> 2) The "clear frame" doesn't seem to work in the first frame of a scene
> or a button. I kept having to copy and paste an empty frame in. This
> was a pain. Is there a way to do this?
Delete the object or objects in the frame this makes it a blank
If there are alot then lock the other layers and select all then delete.

> 3) What movie dimensions do you use for the web? I noticed that
> changing dimensions only changed
> porportions of the overall size and it was difficult to figure out what
> was best.
Use exact pixel size if using critical bitmaps.
Otherwise, use 100% scaling and create your movies in the aspect ratio
that match the HTML frame you will be inserting it into.

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  Flash 2 questions, Charles Iscove (by way o

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