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Subject: Re: Flash 2 questions
From: Joe Crawford
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 17:41:49 GMT

Here's answers to the ones I can answer quickly...

Charles Iscove (by way of Sam Michel ) wrote:

> 1) <snip> I thought that, in theory, you should be able to
> change scenes on a rollover (without going to "hit") but placing the
> action in the "over" or even "down" states did nothing. Is there any
> way to do this?

Not at present. It's a known wish from everyone who works with Flash.
You only get actions on button hits, not on overs. You can get a sound
within the button though. There are also methods to fake an animated
mouseover state, too.

> 4) Is there a way to link to an email address inside Flash? My book
> only mentions linking to another URL. On my web page I stuck the link
> for comments outside flash.

yeah: as the action in a button - do yourmailatyourhost [dot] com (mailto:yourmailatyourhost [dot] com) (or
> 5) I placed a link to a background color page in my HTML default page
> followed by the link to my Shockwave movie. On my computer at home
> (using Netscape) this color carried into the movie to create a uniform
> color. However, when viewed through another person's access their was
> no background color to my movie. Why? (I made the background
> transparent in Flash.)

Did you set bgcolor within the embed and object coding? The HTML aspect
of Flash is a bit tricky. Recheck the tutorial.

I know you'll get lots of responses on this ... good luck with Flash!


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  Flash 2 questions, Charles Iscove (by way o

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