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Subject: Re: caching scenes....
From: Lane Allen
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 17:17:12 GMT

One other option for now is to make a separate scene, minus
the front end animation. Let's say you want the person to get
back to the main menu, or whatever you have, but you have
a beginning animation that comes before the menu, then just
make a separate file that will take the person back to the
main menu without all of the "extra" animation in the start
of the movie. A pain, but it's another option that you can


At 11:06 AM 12/22/97 -0500, you wrote:
>christian griffith wrote:
>> hi all....
>> i am trying to figure out how to 'cache' scenes. what i want to do is
>> after someone views a particular scene, and then hits "back"....when
>> they do go back the whole front animation runs all over again. i want
>> just to just go back to the finished part of the front animation (the
>> menu) without animating again. my example is
>> http://www.freebairn.com/flash2

>The only solution I have found to control when the viewer wants to
>return to a previous flash file and start where the viewer left off is
>A: use frames
>B: use pop-up windows.
>c: Learn Flash to the extreme that you can create your whole site around
>one page.
>D: Create only for IE 3.o viewers.(yeah right!)

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