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Subject: Please help with a file size problem
From: Judy Miller
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 14:31:18 GMT

Good Morning,
I am under the assumption that this is a new list. I first want to say thank you for starting it.
I am in the process of redoing my site with Flash. My site is art related and is quite large.
Part of my plan was to create a remote control type of object that would be the navigator for the
I created the remote in Fractal Design Painter because I wanted it to be a bitmap image. It is made
up of layers and textures etc....
Some of the sections of the site go quite deep as in section, sub-section, level 2 sub, articles.
I thought that in order to maintain organization, that creating a seperate scene for each subsection
and level 2, would help with updating and since I am saving all my buttons etc as symbols, that the
file size would be kept down.
As it stands, I only finished the education section and it is already 123k in size. Much larger than
what I had anticipated.I figured it should be around 40k.Some of the scenes are adding as much as 5k,
which I don't understand since I am using symbols and the only real changes are very small buttons.
It has 28 scenes with anywhere between 1 to 14 frames in each, the only items changing from frame to
frame are the buttons.
I wondered if it was the fact that I created so many scenes, but like I said, I saved every element
that is repeated as a symbol. I haven't added sounds yet.
When I looked at the file report, my first frame has 47k, I would imagine as a result of the bitmap
which I compressed at 50%
I also made a symbol out of that bitmap image. Was that unnessecary?
Any comments or help would be appreciated. I would imagine I will have to preload it, since it worked
like hell and download piece by piece, the way it is now.
Thanks in advance,
Judy Miller
Fall River Decorative Arts

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  Re: Please help with a file size problem, Nag Champa

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