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Subject: Re: mimic
From: Dave Smith
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 00:32:07 GMT

Diego Maya wrote:
> Dear Cristian:
> I agree with what you said about the site I created, in fact, I sent an
> e-mail to Gabo giving him my opinion of his masterpiece. On the other hand,
> modeling my work and using some of his ideas on what I am doing is not
> "stealing of flow" I would say is more of an inspiration. And to add to it,
> if I would be Gabo, I would be more than flattered to see people trying to
> be as good as he is. Before making your statement, did you think about the
> audience I am trying to address? Did you think of the purpose behind the
> work?
> In essence, what I understand from your message is that if a kid in a school
> basketball game tries to immitate a Michael Jordan move, he is "stealing"
> Jordan's "flow?"
> Diego

Curiosity killed the cat. Can someone post this Gabo's site?



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