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Subject: Re: Flash Interfaces to Java
From: Dave Smith
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 00:30:09 GMT

steven warren wrote:

> It's up and running, and if the Java version proves to be stable across
> platforms (keeping my fingers double crossed) we'll be using Flash a lot
> more in the future for interface design. So far it's been great!
> -steven warren

Hiya Steven,

Is this site complete? I had major probs on all links.
Nothing worked. I have latest version of Flash Plug-in
but it insisted on loading Java applets instead. very slooooow .
Graphics were very nice What graphic proggys did you use?

major over kill on loading animations and sounds. This is definelty a
job for streaming vector animation(Flash). Thats alot of work in Java,
but I always try to
see from a "newbie" perspective. I left after about 10 minutes of
clicking things that didnt work and uncomplete animation loads. I was
Of course I dont know if they were linked yet.
I hate to say it, But I would lighted up major on the applets and have a
version and a "Flash" version of the site.

IOW, give your viewers and option to view the Flashy eye candy or just
info on your clients quality services.

The system I loaded the site on was p133/ wintel /28.8 /I.E.30
Which I still use to test my sites. This is still the lowly standard


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  Flash Interfaces to Java, steven warren
  Re: Flash Interfaces to Java, steven warren

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