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Subject: FLASH: Bacground Music and Sounds
From: Clayton Pelton
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 16:28:21 GMT


I'm still relatively new to the list, and the one thing I see on
everyone's site..

(Forgive me if this has been gone over a thousand and one times)

Environment sounds or background music.

Firstly - Do you all make your own sounds and if you do--how?
Secondly - is there a web resource to find some of these wonderful
background sounds???
thirdly - I'm always seeing the turn sound off/on option. Is this
something that is in flash or do you have to create it? And if you
create it...please tell me how...I'm at a loss here.

Thank you in advance...
Clayton Pelton
Conceptrix Design Studios

"For every vision there is an equal and opposite Revision"
-Nate Gruber-

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  Re: FLASH: Bacground Music and Sounds, Marc Hoffman

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