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Subject: FLASH: Selfish (Sidenote)
From: Daniel Guerrier
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 22:21:21 GMT

At the risk of alienating myself right of the list, I
have something to get off of my chest. I've noticed
that many (not all) of the more advanced flashers on
the list are extremely selfish. How you ask?
I've seen many newbie to intermediate flashers post
messages that ask for some sort of internship or
mentoring that would give many flashers what they
need, real world experience. Yeah we read the books,
and visit the tutorial websites, but lets face it.
99.9% of the books don't go beyond the intermediate
stage, and for some, learning by looking at complex
fla's with little documentation can be a daunting
However each time a request for experience in a
production environment is requested. It either falls
on deaf ears or is answered with a condescending reply
that comes short of saying "go to hell." A recent
posting to the list for a job said, and I quote "If
you're a newbie, or someone who read the books and
worked with Flash at home and are looking for
experience, don't call." Where do we go after the
books and home study if nobody is willing to give a
person a chance to move up in the flash world? I'm
saying that you should grab any knucklehead off of the
street and put him/her on a high profile account; not
at all. Give him/her small personal assignment that
illustrates an aspect of flash that may that is not
covered in books, you know, show him/her the ropes.

My only question is why? Why are you so selfish?
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