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Subject: RE: FLASH: Selfish (Sidenote)
From: Top-Link Tech (Charles Moulton
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 22:58:46 GMT


I didn't see the job post you speak of, and although rude, it's not really
selfish. But, it is the nature of most businesses (not just ours) these
days. All the ads say 2+ years experience, but, none of them want to give
you (you meaning the newbie, not you specifically) that experience.

But, that's unfortunately the way life goes. Especially in the world of

The alternatives are many.

The most viable one being, go out, grab the bull by the horns, and do like
many of us have done and EARN the experience. The mistake too many people
make is they want to jump right into a Flash job. Sure maybe they'll take a
small account, or a simple task, but, its got to be a Flash job. Whatever
happened to the mailroom mentality? When you might've wanted to be the CEO,
but were willing to take the mailroom job and make your presence known,
learn the ropes and work your way up?

I'm looking for entry level designers right now.....but not Flash designers.
No, I want to know you can handle much more than just Flash, and I want you
to prove yourself to me first before you work on the cool stuff. Sounds
mean, sounds rude, sounds selfish.....but I've got a design department to
run, and clients to keep happy, and that's what's important, not whether or
not you can do the coolest stuff on the web.

But I get designers in here with their noses in the air. I do graphics but I
DON'T do code. I do Flash, but I don't really want to do HTML.....and these
people have no experience, and their coming to me straight out of school and
expect a job? I don't think so. People want an entry level job, but, they
don't want to do entry level work.

Let me tell everybody. I started as a nothing. I was a simple coder,
crunching out HTML all day long hoping to move up to design and programming.
(Now keep in mind that at this point I had several years of real world
experience using graphics programs for print design but I wasn't allowed to
do actual online design.) I had to prove myself, I paid my dues and moved up
to designer. (To put this in Flash perspective....this is BEFORE the release
of Future Splash....remember that?) I busted my ass and moved up, left that
job and went to CNN in NYC as a Senior Designer. Busted my ass and moved up
and now run my own design department here.

But, I didn't get to start out doing the cool stuff. I started doing scutt
work, and watching others do the cool stuff. I learned, and eventually put a
couple of those people out of a job.

The other alternative, and by far more rewarding, but, tougher one is create
the experience YOURSELF. Go and freelance a couple of gigs. But keep it
simple and don't bite off more than you can chew, or you'll end up worse off
than when you started. Do a few small jobs, and then SHOW THOSE JOBS to the
companies you want to work for as your experience.

If you want a job doing Flash for a living, you need to walk in with more
than a couple of class projects and stuff you did on the weekends at
home....or you need to have that stuff be the greatest ever seen. Most
companies don't have the time to hire a person to fill a position and let
him/her learn on the job, we need a person who knows enough to come in and
get right to work with relative ease. That's why companies ask for
experience. That's why they say 'No weekend warriors'. It's not selfish.
It's business.

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Subject: FLASH: Selfish (Sidenote)

At the risk of alienating myself right of the list, I
have something to get off of my chest. I've noticed
that many (not all) of the more advanced flashers on
the list are extremely selfish. How you ask?
I've seen many newbie to intermediate flashers post
messages that ask for some sort of internship or
mentoring that would give many flashers what they
need, real world experience. Yeah we read the books,
and visit the tutorial websites, but lets face it.
99.9% of the books don't go beyond the intermediate
stage, and for some, learning by looking at complex
fla's with little documentation can be a daunting
However each time a request for experience in a
production environment is requested. It either falls
on deaf ears or is answered with a condescending reply
that comes short of saying "go to hell." A recent
posting to the list for a job said, and I quote "If
you're a newbie, or someone who read the books and
worked with Flash at home and are looking for
experience, don't call." Where do we go after the
books and home study if nobody is willing to give a
person a chance to move up in the flash world? I'm
saying that you should grab any knucklehead off of the
street and put him/her on a high profile account; not
at all. Give him/her small personal assignment that
illustrates an aspect of flash that may that is not
covered in books, you know, show him/her the ropes.

My only question is why? Why are you so selfish?

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  FLASH: Selfish (Sidenote), Daniel Guerrier

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