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Subject: Re: [flasher] importing photoshop files in flash 5
From: Andrew Le Sage
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 13:38:08 -0000

It would be worth you upgrading to PhotoShop 5.5 then you would have the
save for web option, this is really useful for flash as you can save your
files out a PNG 24 with transparency which is not colour based but rather
and area or areas that have been selected and made into a mask. You can then
return to you PSD and continue to work on it, you do not have to flatten the
image, you can save them out as Jpeg, Gif or PNG. I always use PNG24 myself
but I find that it is very useful and the file size is smaller.

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Subject: [flasher] importing photoshop files in flash 5

> Hello,
> Maybe this is a very silly question but I'll take the risk because I just
> can't figure out the problem on my own.
> Has any of you had problems importing photoshop 5 files into flash 5? I've
> got quicktime 4.x installed, flash does import quicktime movs. But when
> trying to import a psd file it says: It couldn't import because 'there
> problems reading the files'.
> Kind regards,
> Danielle Roberts.
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