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Subject: Re: Flash3 Buttons
From: Douglas Morrison
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 15:52:34 +0100

Use the shockwave that came with your Flash 3 to generate the HTML(has many
more features than Dreamweaver for Flash) Then bring the HTML into Dreamweaver.
Unless you know all of the Java and HTML code associated with Flash, this is
the easiest and most reliable method. Hope this helps.


Larry_Newmanatnotes [dot] seagate [dot] com wrote:

> OK, I give up.
> I'm new at this (obviously). I simply want to create a rollover button in
> Flash3 and place it in my web site with Dreamweaver 1.2.
> I have no problem creating the button in Flash3, but I can't get it to
> perform the "get URL" on my site.
> Here's what I have done: I created the button with the four states (normal,
> mouse over, mouse down and selection area). On the mouse down state (frame
> 3), I want the browser to go another URL. I have tried using relative
> address and actual address, even tried leaving the .swf file in the same
> directory as the called URL. It still doesn't work. I suspect that I'm not
> using the correct syntax for the URL.
> Any help out there? Maybe an example of the actual text that goes in the
> URL field?
> Many thanks for putting up with a Flash3 newbie.
> Larry
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  Flash3 Buttons, Larry_Newman

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