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Subject: AW: beta test
From: Jeff Kollinger
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 10:53:24 +0100

hi simon,

on my pc (win 95, 166 mhz) with netscape 4.5 pr it ran pretty good. i
would have liked to turn of the sound though.

i�ve learned something about aluminum ladders, and i liked the
electrocution. (i mean optically)


Jeff Kollinger
Multimedia Developer
b.a.s. interactive GmbH
E-Mail jkollingeratbas [dot] de
Phone +49/89/27 8 11-192
Fax +49/89/27 30 30 3
Web http://www.bas.de
Address Bluetenstr.15
D-80799 Muenchen
>I have a Flash site called 'Safety Zone'
>It's an animated site for early-teens school pupils to learn about
>safety in the work place. I would love some feedback if anyone would
>like to have a play.

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