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Subject: urgent@+serious!!!
From: Hong
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 04:41:27 +0100

This is not a flash related Q & A, but i hope u ppl will read it.
thank you
it was emailed to me from my friend

Dear Readers

I have just received some news from a pastor cum friend of mine in
Jakarta, Indonesia. He was saying that there will be another round
of revolution in the days to come. He does not know when but he said

Apparently, all the homes of the Chinese were either marked with
either blue paint or red paint. According to the locals, the blue
marking means that the looters will rob the house. Red means the
looters will rob and then burn it down.

My friend's family has just come back to Singapore because
their home was marked RED.

They were saying that this time the army MAY be involved in the
revolution because the General is not on good terms with

I sincerely hope that all who read this will spend some time
praying for this country and the Christians who are staying

That Christ's blood will cover all those who calls upon Him.

If you have read this, please disseminate to everyone
you know.

As a lot of such news are controlled in the country, I
hope that they will come to the attention of the Americans and
Human Rights organisations.

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  Re: urgent@+serious!!!(OT), David Gary

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