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Subject: timeline shifting
From: todd salerno
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 21:59:56 +0100

i'm about 2 days into flash with the free trial.

i've made an animation that i like which consists
of 5 channels across 10 or so frames with flash
doing the tweening.

now, i'd like to insert an additional animation
in front of this one in the timeline. to give myself
some workspace, i insert some frames at frame 1,
but all this does is leave the existing keyframe
there and inserts a new tween frame at 2 and shifts
everything down.

is there no way to move these frames out of their
current position in time a la premiere or director?

i'm convinced that i'm missing something totally
obvious, but the help files don't answer my question.



t o d d s a l e r n o studiovr inc. http://studiovr.com
11 broadway suite 925 new york new york 10004 212.825.8999

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