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Subject: Re: Wishes, Wishes
From: Dave Smith
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 15:32:53 +0100

Wayne Townsend wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Something I mentioned a while back... A pause for x seconds action. This
> would be trivial to add in v 3, I would think. I'm tired of dragging out
> frames to creates pauses when I need to, and of course, you can't rely on
> the timing being accurate that way. One box's second is another ones two.

Yup this also stops anyone from being able to get sound clips in sinc.
If you wanted
a musical clip, say a looping background beat. Its impossible to
keyframe another
sound in sinc with the looping beat. A "timer" of some sort could
resolve this making
Flash even greater in its power to perform.

> After editing a symbol, set the timeline back to where you were instead of
> 0,0!! This one sure wastes a lot of my time scrolling, scrolling through
> many frames & layers.

This is probably the most anoying of all. I find when creating long time
lines and several scenes that it takes up half my time going from scene
to scene to find
the frame number I was primarily working on. This wish IS a must.


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